The Office Connection

The Office Connection
We are now only mobile and web based ,
United States
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Offering .... Metro Denver .. ..


new compatible toner and sevice of desktop, laptop computers and laser printers for over 20 years

Warranty and Legal Terms
Warranty and Legal Terms

The Office Connection may be referred to as or by the initials - T.O.C.

T.O.C. charges a trip charge of $ 35.00

The trip charge does not include any time for diagnosis or labor.

Normal billable time [ 8 AM thru 5 PM ] is charged at $ 75.00 per hour.

After hours billable time [ 5:01 PM thru 7:59 AM ] is charged at $ 125.00 per hour, unless contracted differently.

T.O.C. warrants their workmanship under normal conditions for 30 days. This warranty excludes virus removal and the machines continued cleanliness.

Transferring data is totally at the customers liability.

T.O.C. does not warrant the successful transfer of file[s] or image[s].

There absolutely no ... warranty implied or written as to the complete and final removal of any computer virus, bug, trojan, hijacker, worm or other variant. This include but is not limited to the "saving" of any or all information.

All parts or toner warranty will be the responsibility of the manufacturer of said item.

Specification[s] and price[s] contained in these "e"-pages are subject to change without notice.

T.O.C. is not responsible for typographical errors.

T.O.C. can and will revise company policies as needed.

Latest time and dated policy revision[s] will be considered to be in effect at time of the service action.

Ownership of all trademark[s], copyright[s] and image[s] are the property of their specific owner, and are only used here for reference purposes.

If this page does not answer any question that you may have, use either the inquiry page or call us personally.

These terms and conditions are effective immediately.

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